Saturday, September 5, 2015

A rare treat ...

A rare event for any Central Vermont modeler is being able to get a factory-painted locomotive pre-painted for the home road. Come to think of it, other than some RS-11s I don't think anyone has done factory-painted models for the CV - at least not locomotives. 
While it means a lot of fun modeling projects, I enjoy those rare moments when I can pretend we're like UP or Santa Fe modelers and simply open a box….
This is the new Atlas HO S-2 - with factory-installed ESU Lok Sound. 


Pierre Oliver said...

I can sense the patting of hands together all the way up here.
Nice looking unit to boot!

Gene said...

I just received the exact same loco the one in Canadian National livery also. Lovely models.

Roger Sekera said...

And they not only look good but are great runners; very sure footed.