Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #73


Maynard Stowe said...

Is that an 0-2-2?
Maynard Stowe

CVSNE said...

Zoom Zoom…..

Raymo said...

Marty, is the Wankel Rotary still available from Mazda? Raymo

CVSNE said...

Alas, no the classic Wankel is no longer available in a production car. It's only made by Mazda's Formula One race division - which means it's primarily seen in Asia and Europe, not so much in the States.
The last production Mazda with a Wankel rotary was the 2012 Rx-8 - when the Rx-8 was dropped, so was the rotary engine. The new line of cars have "SkyActive" 4-cyl engines - the 2.4L is anemic - I test drove the Cx-5 a couple of years ago and just couldn't handle the plodding response. The 2.6 and 2.8L Skactiv engines are remarkably "peppy" for a 4-cyl - and combined with a 6 gear tranny they drive smooth with a considerably better pickup.
Of course, my last Mazda 6 was 280 hp…V6 - this new one is 188 hp V-4 - but the new car is much lighter to the touch and as responsive as I could ask for.
Stic, Bernie and I need to take it on a road trip though… all I've driven it so far is in town and back and forth to DC once.

CVSNE said...

And to those who asked off list…yes, the new car is red. I've always wanted a red car….