Monday, September 1, 2014

Waterbury Freight House 4: Two story "old" freight house

Completed basic construction of the two story "old" freight house in Waterbury. Next step will be to complete the single story "new" freight house and then the Shelby Coal sheds. I used basswood for this one - never going to use it again! This project only confirmed how much I prefer styrene for scratch building structures. 


George Dutka said...

Very nice the weathering effect...which approach did you take...I always like using wood to reflect wood but I know what you mean styrene is easier to cut...George Dutka

CVSNE said...

The walls are basswood stained with Hunterline Blue Gray and Medium Brown. I also used Pan Pastels to add some highlights to the boards. The roof is Evergreen styrene painted Grimy Black and some light gray in an attempt to duplicate the prototype photo. The one story freight house is styrene. I'm thinking about painting it "weathered" red - just for variety if nothing else.