Monday, February 10, 2014

Electronic editions - N Scale Railroading and Locomotive Servicing books

Kalmbach has just released electronic versions of a number of their popular model railroading book titles, including the two books I currently have in print - N Scale Railroading, Getting Started in the Hobby (2nd Edition) and Model Railroader's Guide to Locomotive Servicing Terminals.
These are offered at a considerable discount compared to the cover price of the print editions, something I think is smart but not something every book publisher offers.
Here's the web page with the various books shown, including, ahem, mine....

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Philip H said...

While I agree that it's good to see these go digital, I hear that the Nook platform that these are being sold for is about to be discontinued by B&N. SO unless one wants to get additional software to make them cross-platform portable, I think downloads may not be what MR (or you as author) hope.