Thursday, November 14, 2013

Waterbury Feed Mill - Early Era

To say the Waterbury feedmill is plain is an understatement. I was going through some of my reference photos of this building and came across this vintage image I obtained from Jim McFarlane a number of years ago. I'm seriously considering including the Gold Medal flour sign on my model - even if it's in a faded, heavily weathered state. 
My search for "Gold Medal Flour vintage ads" turned up a lot of very vertical (tall and skinny) versions of the logo,  but nothing as rectangular as the one in the picture above. 

If anyone has a rectangular sign in a format I can use on a model I'd appreciate it - otherwise I'll have to dust off my Photoshop skills. 


Anonymous said...

Here are links to a couple I found. They're both heavily weathered, but you may be able to work with them:

Unknown said...

What a great photo not only of he architecture but also those two proud gentlemen posing for the photo. How do you think we might be able to date this photo and perhaps identiy the two gentlemen. Can anyone date the care in the scene or the years the company E.T. Seabury state company (name on building behind train) ran for. Come on all you detectives!! regards garry