Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Progress(?) Report

I've been working on two scenery projects at once - the White River scene and the peninsula farm scene. Last night I test fitted the barn in place on the farm scene that dominates the center of the peninsula. The tree is made from a twisted wire armature with Supertree branches covered by Noch leaves and some fine ground foam for "highlights."
But, considering this is how the White River Junction scene currently looks, and I have an op session on Sunday, I guess it's time to start cleaning up!

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Unknown said...

Looks pretty damn clean, Mart, wish I could consolidate my own mess, but finally laid scissor tracks into my open staging/fiddle/Meadowlands yard yesterday and the day before and today. Installing 4 Torti under a 39" yard in the scissors was so much fun, I did it twice. Bernie Halloran