Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Run - Extra 489 South

After the seemingly endless task of soldering feeders to track, connecting feeders to buss wires, and testing the connections by running a locomotive back and forth after each connection (it may seem unnecessary, but that's the process I use - I find wiring is best done methodically!) I completed all the connections early this afternoon. 
It was time for a test run. The first run was a solo locomotive and was full of peril - lots of dirt spots on the track, the occasional misaligned turnout, and obstructions on the right-of-way in the form of tools and bits of wire. 
With that first run complete, I decided to try running a train - 
So I fired up one of the SNE 2-8-0s (the first one I reached in the display case). The train had no orders, and there were no scheduled trains to meet, (easy to determine, since there's no timetable yet!).  Starting at the north end staging yard, Extra 489 South arrived in White River Junction yard without incident. This was after several nights of "Tweaking" the wiring and trackwork. Was I happy? Even my toes were smiling! 
I couldn't help but take a photo to commemorate the occasion. 
Sister 2-8-0 483 is standing by under the coaling tower to continue south with the train. Canadian National F7 9062 will head north sometime later this evening. 
All in all, a good day!


Tore Hjellset said...

Excellent! The first train is really something special.

Bernie said...

Looking like a layout!