Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Possible shelf model?

I have a couple of HO scale models on display in my office. And my-coworkers and our clients who regularly visit our offices always comment on them - usually there's a story about someone or another (or them) who had a Lionel train. But I've uncovered one or two "real" model railroaders in the process. 
But let's face it, even the nicest HO scale model sitting on a shelf lacks, well, "presence." 
I'm thinking maybe an O scale model would be a better choice. 
I found that Mullet Scale Model Works makes an O scale Central Vermont three-window caboose. One neat thing about their models is the way the steel components on the prototype are modeled in brass, and the wood parts are laser cut wood. A neat approach. 
I may have to build me one of these. 


Bernie said...

O No!
Once you go O
You can't go HO.

Ted DiIorio said...

Beware my friend.. It's a slippery slope you're heading for...

Pierre Oliver said...

I've built 4 of Mullets caboose kits for clients to date. They are well worth the effort and something to behold.

Trevor said...

I see Pierre has commented on this. I've seen his work on these cabooses and I bet he could whip up a really nice one for you. At a minimum, you should corner him at an RPM meet and pick his brain for tips and tricks to build your CV model. He and I have had several conversations about how to best tackle these.