Friday, February 24, 2012

More backdrops

On Bernie's last visit he'd been assigned the task of installing the turntable and track in the engine servicing area. Once Bernie finished cutting the hole for the turntable (and a fine hole it is . . .) he begged off laying the track.  Instead I put him to work finishing up some backdrop painting behind the Williams Creek bridge scene (where the river meets the backdrop).  
He also painted about 8 additional feet of backdrop before calling it quits.  The new section of backdrop shows more fall colors than the previous section since the foreground scenery will include trees with some foliage remaining.  Think of it as past peak colors, but before all the leaves are down, and representing a slightly lower elevation down in the valley where the wind hasn't knocked all the leaves off the trees. The tree in the foreground is one of my finished trees he was using to match colors. I think it came out pretty well. 

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Bernie said...

Those are some fine backdrops.