Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White River Junction in 3-D

A group of high school students in Hartford, Vt., have developed a really neat 3-d map of White River Junction using Google Maps and Sketch up to create very realistic renderings of the buildings. Also included are short histories of many of the key structures in the village.

You need Google Earth plug in to explore the 3-d map - but it's well worth spending a few minutes walking around town!

This screen shot shows the familiar White River Junction station in the center - the CV track is curving to the left from the bottom of the picture, the B&M line to Wells River curves to the right. On the extreme right you can see the B&M Northern Line to Boston.  Although the tracks aren't clearly indicated, you can see where the B&M diamonds were located. 

"Walking" up the river (yes, you can virtually wander around in the 3-D landscape) you can get a view of a number of key structures in White River Junction. One of the most familiar, forming a backdrop for the Central Vermont yard, is the billboard on the Ward Baking Co. 

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