Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy First Birthday!

I find it hard to believe, today marks the first anniversary of this blog.
It was also one year ago that I started the extensive rework of my layout. Here's the view from the bottom of the basement stairs in late October, 2010: 
Here's a shot taken from the about the same spot this past September:

When I decided to change the layout I promised myself all the heavy construction work - benchwork, backdrops, and the like - would be finished within a year. I'm happy to report that I accomplished that, and I've even gotten a fair start at the scenery. 
I do need to get the track in White River Junction and Essex Junction sections complete - and that's a goal for the remainder of this year. 
The only other "goal" I have is to get the "Front Door" scenery completed - I need to get rid of the pink foam that's still visible in the mill stream area. 
I enjoy posting my progress to this blog, and appreciate all the comments I receive on it. I hope you will continue to follow my adventures. Here's to a productive New Year on the Central Vermont!


Trevor said...

Happy Anniversary, Marty and the CV! Well done. I am enjoying reading about your progress and your blog has, in part, inspired me to write my own about my latest effort:
- Trevor

George Dutka said...

Congratulations Marty on your first year...and Merry mentioned lighting in Yahoo...take a look in the Ikea catalog...I use the halogen 3 light adj. spots...for $9.99 including the bulbs...changing all my lights over...these are all I use now for taking my photos also...George Dutka