Sunday, May 22, 2022

House for Depot Street

Before I left on my current work trip I got a start at building some houses that will eventually end up on Depot Street in Enosburg Falls. This one is started as a City Classics Company House kit. Although the houses I need to create the look of a small New England town in the 1940s/50s don't have to be fancy or large, the company house was just a little too basic. I dressed up the City Classics kit by adding an enclosed front porch using Evergreen clapboard siding and a Tichy window and doors. I removed the casement window that was part of the Tichy door casting. I also replaced the plain kit roof with Best Trains 3-tab shingles. I also painted the house red with white trim (the enclosed porch remained white) and added a Tichy chimney casting to the roof in place of the one included in the kit, which seemed a little small. Still need to add a ridge cap and the front and side steps. I can also see a couple of spots where the trim needs to be touched up. 

Eventually I need six or seven houses to create the impression of a residential street. I've gotten a start on a couple of others that I'll finish up when I get home. 

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