Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Planting Laskey Cabinet - a little progress is a good thing

A while back I posted about the Laskey Cabinet Company kit that Norm Wolf donated to the railroad when he moved south to greener pastures. I'd tried the building in a few spots, but none of them seemed as "right" as the spot I first chose for it, north of Randolph Center. 
I got home rather late last night and had a few things to take care of upstairs, so I ended up with only about 15 minutes or so in the basement. Rather than delve into some huge project I got out the ground foam, sifted dirt, and glue and "planted" the main building from the Laskey Cabinet in place. I think it looks pretty good. 
As I mentioned to Norm, although it may not be prototypical for the spot, it has the distinct advantage of being "done." (And frankly, Norm did a really, really nice job building it!) 


  1. It looks "in place", the scale and shape feel good for the location.

  2. Hi Marty:
    A great job on the kit and fits a New England scene...if you wish just change the signage to reflect a Randolph location...are you going to Fine Scale Expo next month...George

  3. Good call, Marty, and well executed. Bravo!