Friday, October 16, 2015

Progress(?) Report

From this:

To This: 
Amazing how fast a model railroad comes apart! 
In what has become something of a Columbus Day tradition Stic came over yesterday to work on the layout. (We're both off on Columbus Day since it's a Federal holiday - our wives have to work... poor gals. But someone has to do it!)
I gave a few choices for the work session:

1. Get a start on one of the brick mills buildings for Everett
2. Finish up the background scenery in Everett just before the current north staging yard.
3. Fix the turnout that has always had issues at the north end of Waterbury.
4. And....

Well, long and short of it is we really continued the Columbus Day tradition and tore out a section of the layout. (Regular readers of this blog should not be surprised by this - it's been a long time coming!) 
By the time we were done the White River engine terminal was removed from the corner.  The WRJ station scene and south yard ladder are also down to bare plywood.
 We spent a little time "blocking" the various elements of the scene to see what goes where and what might or might not go. I've placed the station in the corner where the turntable had been and have been moving it, the coaling tower, and turntable around from time to time over the week and playing with some flextrack to see how the plan translates to reality.
Not entirely convinced at this point, but I'm coming around. - the building fits fine but the geometry of the track might be a little tricky. Perhaps I need to find a prototype scene for inspiration better suited to the space? 
Some sketches are in place for a smaller "satellite" yard based on Palmer, Mass., or even Bellows Falls or Brattleboro. Time will tell.
In the meantime this is really going to impact operating the layout since there's currently about 15 feet of plywood with no track between the south staging yard and the mainline....


  1. I'm inspired to see you "blocking" things to see if they fit. That's the approach I took in planning and building my humble paper plant layout. I posted about it on my blog, and despite dire warnings to the contrary from some readers, everything worked out very well for me. Looking forward to seeing this scene evolve.


  2. While you poke some fun at your tendency to tear up scenes, I think it takes a brave hobbyist to admit that something they've poured so much time, effort and money into isn't working and that it's time to tear it out. Like Hunter, I look forward to seeing this new scene evolve.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64 - today, anyway)

  3. I think you're on the right track Marty! I fear switching to Palmer, Bellows Falls, or Brat would domino into changes to other towns already in place - so be careful! Even a shortened WRJ has great operating possibilities.

  4. If you go forward with the satellite yard idea, I highly recommend Brattleboro. Key points being the wye for turning the 700 class steam locomotives (since they weren't allowed on the southern division), the Boston and Maine's bridge across the Connecticut River, the decent locomotive facilities and yard, the union station, and finally having all of this crammed on the picturesque river bank between the Connecticut River and downtown Brattleboro. Shouldn't be too hard to cram onto a long, narrow shelf!