Thursday, January 15, 2015

Laskey Cabinet

Before he moved to the wilds of southern Virginia Norm Wolf stopped by and dropped off a couple of structures that he knew wouldn't fit on his new apartment layout. One of them was a kit from Scotty Mason called "Laskey Cabinet Co." I liked the basic look of the building, since though it's freelanced it doesn't have some of the downright peculiar features of some of the more "imaginative" kits out there. 
Knowing that it was wasn't prototype Norm mentioned "..if you can't find a spot for it don't worry" or words to that effect. My attitude was this building has one thing going for it most of my other structures don't…it's out of the box and finished!
Haven't spent much time in the layout room this week - lots going on at work and I spent a lot of time in the basement preparing for my clinic at Cocoa Beach so I may have be feeling just a touch of burnout. But spending some time before dinner looking for a place to "plant" this building seemed like an ideal way to ease back into making some progress on the layout. 
I ended up locating it on a siding at the north end of Randolph. 
The structure is in pretty good shape, but the flashing on the office building looks like it's lifted a little - likely a result of a differences in humidity and temperature between Norm's old basement and mine and the change of seasons. So I might have to rework it a little. 
I'm going to let it sit here "unplanted" for a few days and see if it takes root…
Thanks Norm!


  1. A very impressive structure... would be quite a job of work scratch building - for me, at least.

  2. Any time, sir. Glad it has a place. It was a fun build.