Sunday, December 14, 2014

More gap filling

In between working on my chemical tank car model I made good progress filling in the gaps in scenery.  I also got a lot of the foam carved to the basic landform shape. This isn't as messy as plaster, but it generates a lot of styrofoam "chips" - if you're going to use foam for your scenery have a shop van handy and be prepared to give it a workout! You can see how I used the green florist foam to fill the gaps between the pink foam sections. The florist foam compresses easily enough to really fill those gaps. 
Next step is some paint and basic ground texture - that and the addition of some trees and this portion of the railroad will start to look "finished."
In the meantime I'm going to take a break - my arms and wrist are really sore….


  1. Marty,

    This is looking really good, red, green, white, and all. Very Holiday Festive, too! :D

    I think you're going to be pleased with the results here once the paint and top-dressing are on. Rest well-- you've earned it!

  2. Hi Marty:
    Well done - this really helps me visualize the scenes (and I'm sure it helps you too). Also, it means if you have a derailment (Wha'dat?), your locomotives and rolling stock have a better chance of staying on the layout - instead of heading for the floor.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Norm. Did you notice I've found a spot for something you dropped off?