Saturday, December 20, 2014

Backdrop tweak

The backdrop in the just north of the curve in my Randolph scene dates back to last year when the Williams Creek bridge was here. So before I added the background trees and ground cover I needed to make it look less like a river valley and more like pastureland and forests with distant mountains and hills. 
The photo shows my efforts - I'm very rusty at backdrop painting, but the good news is if it doesn't work out a "reset" is a coat of sky blue paint away….
I need to add some foreground textures and foliage to the "trunks" on the left, tone down the "shadow" on some of the trunks, get a little more definition to the other trees, and get rid of the "ghost" effect of the distant ridge showing through the trees to the left. But first I need to let this dry. 
One lesson I've learned from painting backdrops is that you can add just a little too much paint. When you do things start looking awful muddy. 

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