Saturday, December 20, 2014

…. and even more Gap Filling

At last approaching the end of the "gap filling" project, at least in the "front aisle."
 The area behind the freight house/coal dealer and in the location where Eldredge Woodworking will go in Waterbury had some gaps between the 3D scenery and backdrop, so I got those filled in (the green florist foam is the easiest way to fill these gaps I've found as it "compresses" into the gaps. 

A quick coat of earth tone latex paint and it's ready for some scenic textures. 

Sitting in front of the television last night I got some more foreground trees prepped and ready for installation in the scene. (The tree on the right shows what these look like when the leaf flocking is added). I just purchased some of the new Scenic Express open cell flocking that I'm looking forward to trying.