Thursday, September 25, 2014

Layout Alterations - further simplifications

When I started the layout I planned to have Essex Junction as my "main" yard scene. Then as the design process progressed I found I could include White River Jct., a scene I really wanted to include, in the "main yard" area - and I relegated Essex Junction to the end of the "rear" aisle. I managed to get the track to fit - of course we didn't have the wye, (I included two legs of the wye), and the train shed and station were on the wrong side of the town relative to the prototype.
I managed to get most of the sidings in place - but the problems really started when I tried to fit the structures into the scene. There was just no room for them.
Not helping matters was the track issues in Essex. Frankly, I rushed the track work in an effort to get it ready for an open house, and ended up with some kinked track that worked - sort of - and stayed in gauge - sort of. But I was far short of 100% operating reliability - the issue was simply too much was jammed into that portion of the layout.
Here's a couple of shots showing Essex Junction - as you can see there's a LOT of track crammed into this alcove.

So I've decided, somewhat reluctantly to remove Essex Junction.
What's going in its place?
Richmond, VT., the station between Essex and Waterbury that had slipped between the floorboards during the design process.
To give you an idea of what this will look like here's a preliminary sketch of the track plan for Richmond. I reserve the right to alter this as we make this change, but the result will hopefully be a simple scene that is interesting to view and photograph.

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  1. I think you're going to be a lot happier with Richmond as shown than with the "staging area" in the photographs. Keep us posted!