Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning….again?

Spending the day clearing all the stuff out of the workshop area - I'm tired of tripping over boxes of old phone cords, bags of styrofoam peanuts and a box with my sons old Citadel shoes (from the looks of them it's a wonder he ever passed inspection of any sort…) And that doesn't begin to cover the various kits and other model railroad parts I have still stashed away. 
In the meantime my new milling machine is still sitting in the box since I "don't have the room to set it up right now!" 
Regular readers will recall I started this back in Mach and made great progress, until we had the leaky pipe issue. That meant everything in the storage room ended up in the workshop and layout area…. and frankly I lost a lot of steam after dealing with the mess and repairs. 
There's op sessions the next two weekends, and some of the guys are coming over for a short work session tomorrow, so it's the perfect day to (finally) get the junk out of here and  to the curb where it belongs. 

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