Friday, May 23, 2014

Upcoming Op Sessions/Open House and Clinic Dates

Operating Sessions
I plan on having three operating sessions this summer.
21 and 28 June*: I'm going to have these two sessions one week apart to minimize the clean-up/pre-session preparations.
10 August: Open house** for an N Scale convention being held in nearby Chantily, VA. Details on the convention, the Capitol Limited, can be found on the convention website.

* The 21/28 June sessions are for our local DC area operating group but if someone will be in the area when we're operating and is interested in fully participating in the operating session - not just "stopping by and observing" I've been known to accommodate an out of town operator from time to time.
**Although this is an open house I plan to host an op session during the open house time since I doubt the open house will be all that crowded. All are welcome to the open house - see the convention guidebook for times/details, etc...This will be an open crew call.

Family conflicts mean I'm not able to attend the New England Prototype Meet next weekend. The next clinic I'm scheduled to give will be at the Mid Atlantic Railroad Prototype Modelers meet (web page) in Fredericksburg, Va., September 12-13.


  1. Do you have a local DCC area operating group too? (grin!)
    I'm looking forward to your reports on the operating sessions.

  2. It took me a minute to figure that out…good one.