Friday, May 16, 2014

New header

As I mentioned yesterday been playing around with some new blog headers since the previous one was getting a little long on the tooth. 
Thanks to my good friend Bernie Kempinski's PhotoShop wizardry I'm pleased to unveil the new Blog Header:

If you're interested in how he created this image, check out tonight's post on his own blog. 
And be sure to follow his USMRR blog documenting the construction of his outstanding O scale Civil War layout. 
Thanks for the help, Bernie!


  1. Enjoyed your two header selections Marty...and good job Bernie...your second attempt looks like it should be applied to a cover of a book...George

  2. I kinda liked the black and white versions, not because it was 'old timey' but that it did NOT visually overwhelm the blog entry. I vote for simpler as better.