Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter cleaning????

Spending the morning rearranging my workshop - and shoveling out a lot of stuff from the shelves and underside of the layout that I simply won't use. At this point I've taken two large plastic shelves that were located to the left out of the workshop - giving me some room to walk around without feeling confined. 
Buried in inventory is a real impediment to modeling progress. 
Biggest clutter item? Empty freight car boxes. Why am I saving these things? 
But in addition to the empty boxes there are plenty of structure kits, scenery material, track, roadbed, etc… that don't fit the plans for this layout or that I no longer need at this point. 
At first I was planning to upload things for sale to eBay, bring it to train shows to sell, and the like - think I'll save myself the hassle and simply haul it to the curb. Sometimes you need a clean sweep. 


  1. Marty,

    You realize after this blog post you might now have some local model railroaders hauling off your trash before the truck get there in the morning. The new layout changes look very interesting and I very much enjoyed your recent thought on clinic hijackers. I look forward to seeing what you design, build (and throw out) next.



    Gerard J. Fitzgerald
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    1. They may show up to pick through the trash, you never know. As long as I don't have to trip over it any more!
      As of last night there were 5 large trash bags and boxes awaiting placement at the curb tonight for tomorrow's pickup. I'll likely fill a couple more when I get home this evening.
      With that done, I can get back to work on the layout. I'm amazed at the tools and other tidbits I've found through this process!

  2. Marty, Throw the stuff this way ! On a previous message I sent to you about the Moody's creamery in Waterbury that you corrected me on, the creamery that I am building is the whiting's creamery as show in an article in the ambassador written by George Dutka. also did you happen to see the photo of the Swanton Bailey grain elevator on e-bay, are there any more photos in the society's archives of this structure. I have nimke's book that shows some good overhead shots. Keep forging ahead. JOHN HAJNOSZ

  3. You save kit boxes so that it will be easier to sell said cars when you, change scales, change prototypes, change eras or change your state of existence. :-)
    The last one or really for the executor.

    1. I agree with Pierre.... It will be easier to sell all your stuff when you decide to do the CV in S scale.

    2. S scale??? Perish the thought.
      (Actually the thought of starting over that much from scratch is a little overwhelming!)

      The shoveling continues tonight - I'll shovel model railroad stuff out while the politicians at the SOTU shovel something else....

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