Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Green Mountain Paper Complex - update

A "mockup" of the Green Mountain Paper Co. complex in Everett shows things are slowly coming together.
 I once again find myself with several “almost finished” projects in the works. A natural offshoot of trying to get as much done as possible before the September 15 op session. Then the layout will be open for tours and operating session during the MER Convention in October. Actually work on the layout will cease on September 7 as I go into full fall cleanup and op session prep mode. Between September 7 and the open house dates in mid-October I’ll limit my modeling efforts to things like rolling stock and locomotive decoder installs. In other words, tasks that won’t trash the entire railroad!
City Classics Warehouse walls combined to form the "new"
warehouse at Green Mountain Paper
The two large buildings of the Green Mountain Paper Co. complex are complete enough to show how the scene is shaping up. Over the last week I’ve managed to get the City Classics Smallman Street walls painted and assembled, and gotten the basic building together. Next step is to install the roof bracing and sheet styrene roof as well as some Walthers rooftop details (otherwise the building would look too bare. A planned sign for the roof may have to wait until after the September op session. The "new" warehouse still needs a roof in this photo.
Looks like there's too much of a "gap" in the middle of the complex so I tried adding some mocked up tanks and the like. I've also been playing around with various photo backdrops - I think the prototype mill picture needs to be a little larger.
I'm going to let this simmer for a few days while I work on the Curren Manufacturing Co. (Specialists in Repurposing Parts and Assemblages) - the red brick building barely visible to the right edge of the photo.

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  1. Lookin' real good, Marty! You're progress is an inspiration to many of us! Please keep posting!
    BTW, I like that City Classics building. Looks appropriate.