Thursday, August 29, 2013

Build Me a River - 4: What do 220 Supertrees look like?

Work continues on the White River scene. Will our hero finish in time for the MER Convention tours? Stayed tuned to find out.....
Ever wonder what 200+ Supertrees planted on a hillside look you do. I treed the "background" hills behind the yard lead and main in White River Junction last night. I still need to add some foreground trees and ground texture between the hill and yard lead.
After looking at the photos I think I'm going to carve a sharper angle into the base of the foam panels (luckily the panels aren't glued in place!) to get the hillsides to lean back toward the wall. Their current vertical position give the trees a pronounced forward "lean" and the top of the treeline looks like a crew cut - I'd rather have more variation in height.

The "leaning trees" effect, not really a problem when you're looking at the layout in person, is all too apparent in this photo. Adjusting the angle of the hillside "panels" will address the problem.
Frankly, neither of these are all that visible when viewed in person, but they really leap out in photos - an example of why the camera is an excellent modeling tool!
But the changes I need to make are relatively straightforward "tweaks." Once they're done I can add some additional texture (static grass, weeds, and the like) between the track and the treeline. 

The open areas create a nice visual relief from the solid mass of trees. This will get a static grass treatment to add some additional textures and colors.
And I have to make up a bunch of foreground trees for the riverbanks. But it's starting to look better - and it's already a much better background for the Everett scene than the pink styrofoam hills!


  1. So, about 220,000 trees needed for the whole layout then...

    Looking great, Marty!

    - Trevor

  2. Very nice Marty! Adding lots and lots of Supertrees (or similar), is the easiest way to make ordinary scenery look extraordinary.

    1. True enough, and luckily for me making them requires only time, not any degree or talent or ability!