Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Build Me a River - 2

In addition to the work on the Green Mountain Paper Co. I'm also trying to get the first coat of scenery on the White River scene, which has sat untouched since March. For the first post on this scene click here.
I’ve added the basic landforms to the foreground and background. Better still, about 400 Super trees have been completed and are awaiting installation on the hillsides. I opted to use green florist foam for most of the scenery sub base here. Although it’s more expensive than the pink foam board it’s much, much easier to carve and since it’s made for floral arrangements readily accepts the trees without the need to pre-poke or drill holes! Once it's painted basic brown I'll add some forest floor texture material (ground up leaves and some fine brown ground foam) and install the trees.  

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