Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tweaking the Script

Frank Ellison liked to describe the model railroad operating as a stage play, with the trains as the actors and the operating scheme as the script. Well, I've been tweaking the script slightly as I go about preparing for the first test session. Below you'll find the current outline of trains I'm planning to run in a typical "day"session (one "day" may actually consist of two operating sessions). 
Rather than take down the first draft from yesterday's post I'm going to leave it up so anyone who cares about such things can see how the operating scheme is evolving. Since it's really impossible to directly duplicate the prototype times and operations on the layout (the mainline is too short, for one thing!) I've opted to focus on trying to get the traffic flow through White River Junction as close as possible to the real thing, and will let the times the trains get to other stations fall where they may. 
For reference I'm using several prototype CV employee timetables, along with some information on operational details from former CV employees. 

On Duty
WRJ Operational Notes
12:00 am
Dispatches the railroad

12:00 pm

12:00 am
Calls crews, OS’s trains, copies train orders, writes clearances

12:00 pm

WRJ Yardmaster
12:00 am
Switches White River Junction yard ; acts as hostler

12:00 pm

Assistant WRJ YM
12:00 am
Assists YM; Works south end of yard and passenger terminal

12:00 pm

Call Time

No. 21 “Montrealer”
12:30 am
First class passenger train, Washington DC to Montreal
Arr. WRJ 3:10 am; Depart 3:22 am
WRJ switcher cuts local sleeper from train – sends north with 303 Vermonter @4:50am
No. 303
3:00 am
Accommodation passenger train. WRJ-Montreal.  Local sleeper.
Departs WRJ @ 4:50. CV coach, express, sleeper from 21.
Essex Junction Switcher
5:30 am
Works local industries in SXJ, transfer to/from Burlington

No. 490
9:00 am
Merchandise Chicago-New London, Conn.
Arr. WRJ 5:00 pm
Lv WRJ 6:30 pm.
No. 332
11:00 am
Passenger, Montreal-Boston/New York City (sections split in WRJ)
Arrives WRJ 2:30 pm.
WRJ pass switcher separates into NYC and Springfield sections.
Departs WRJ at 2:45 pm
No. 210
1:00 pm
Wayfreight, St Albans - WRJ
Works Waterbury and Everett. Switches SXJ creamery if needed.
Arrive WRJ ~5:20 pm. Milk cars to B&M to connect with B&M 301.
No 307
2:30 pm
Passenger, Boston/New York City-Montreal (sections combine in WRJ)
Arrives WRJ 4:00 pm
WRJ switcher combines cars from B&M 77 Departs WRJ 4:30 pm
River Rambler
YM calls
(~6:00 pm)
Switches local industries in WRJ

Everett Turn
“The Mill Job”
YM calls
(~7:00 pm)
Extra, WRJ-Everett and return. Works paper mill tracks only.

No 304
8:30 pm.
Accommodation passenger train. Montreal-WRJ. Local sleeper.
WRJ – 12:30 am arrival
Makes stops at all towns for Train 20 sleeper. Sleeper left at WRJ platform track for connection to 20.
No 20
10:00 pm
First class passenger train, Montreal to Washington DC

WRJ – 1:30 am arrival/1:40 am departure
WRJ pass switcher adds local sleeper/express block  to train
No. 430
 12:30 am
General freight, Montreal-WRJ. Sets out/Pick up blocks of cars in Essex Junction and Everett
Arrives WRJ 5:30 am
Lv WRJ: 7:30 am
Extra North

General freight, WRJ-Montreal. Sets out/Pick up blocks of cars in Everett and Essex Junction
Extra Train
Per Manifest Schedule –
Ar. WRJ 3:00 am
Lv WRJ 8:30 am
Extra North

Wayfreight: WRJ- St Albans. Works Everett and Waterbury.
Extra Train
Extra north

Merchandise New London, Conn. to Chicago
Extra Train
Ar WRJ 4:30 pm
Lv WRJ 6:30 pm


  1. Protypically the Vermonter only ran between SAB and WRJ

    1. Bob,

      I KNOW that of course ... have no idea how I missed it! Of course on my layout it doesn't really matter if the end point is St. Albans, Montreal, or Disney World... it's all represented by one "North End" staging yard.
      But I'll fix the paper work!
      Thanks for pointing that out!