Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make all preparations to get underway...Sea Trial coming up!

Although there are a few projects left to finish, I've decided enough of the layout is in place and working that it's time to test the thing out.
So, I've set a date for my first test session (Sea Trial #1): 1300 on Sunday, May 19th.
We'll run a modified schedule. The primary purpose of the session is to test what's been done and see what needs to be tweaked, fixed, or downright replaced. (Of course the results of the last Sea Trial resulted in a complete remodel of the railroad that has taken a little more than three years to complete! I'm hoping that won't be the result this time!
Here's a line up of the trains run in a typical "day" (note the call times are subject to change):
Also not confirmed is the fast clock ratio. I'm also considering running a 12-hour session (either the "am trick" or "pm trick.")

Here goes nothing....

On Duty

12:00 am

Dispatches the railroad
12:00 pm

12:00 am

Calls crews, OS’s trains, copies train orders, writes clearances
12:00 pm

WRJ Yardmaster
12:00 am

Switches White River Junction yard ; acts as hostler
12:00 pm

Assistant WRJ YM
12:00 am

Assists YM; Works south end of yard and passenger terminal
12:00 pm

Call Time
No. 21 “Montrealer”
12:30 am

First class passenger train, Washington DC to Montreal
No. 490
12:30 am

Merchandise Chicago-New London, Conn.
No. 210
4:30 am

Wayfreight, St Albans - WRJ
No. 429
5:00 am

General freight, WRJ-Montreal. Sets out/Pick up blocks of cars in Everett and Essex Junction
Essex Junction Switcher
5:30 am

Works local industries in SXJ, transfer to/from Burlington
No. 403
6:00 am

Accommodation passenger train. WRJ-Montreal.  Local sleeper.
No. 430
7:00 am

General freight, Montreal-WRJ. Sets out/Pick up blocks of cars in Essex Junction and Everett
No. 211
12:00 pm

Wayfreight: WRJ- St Albans. Works Everett and Waterbury.
No. 491
3:30 pm

Merchandise New London, Conn. to Chicago
2:45 pm

Passenger, Montreal-Boston/New York City (sections split in WRJ)
5:15 pm

Passenger, Boston/New York City-Montreal (sections combine in WRJ)
River Rambler
YM calls
(~6:00 pm)

Switches local industries in WRJ
Everett Turn
“The Mill Job”
YM calls
(~7:00 pm)

Extra, WRJ-Everett and return. Works paper mill tracks only.
8:30 pm

Accommodation passenger train. Montreal-WRJ. Local sleeper
No 20
10:00 pm

First class passenger train, Montreal to Washington DC

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