Sunday, March 24, 2013

Build me a river....

The weather is less than pleasant, so I spent a fair amount of time in the basement this weekend. I started Friday evening with about 8 things on my weekend "to do"list, and while I didn't get all of them completed, I did pretty well. 
I got the remaining track in White River Junction yard (with the exception of the stall tracks in the roundhouse), including new "river main" track arranged, curved and cut to fit. Once the roadbed dries this evening I'll put the track down permanently. I also got the north end staging yard track extended and added cut off toggles to the power feeds on each of those tracks (mostly so I can turn off locomotive sound units!)
Biggest accomplishment was completing the benchwork modifications to White River Junction to add a rather large river scene to the foreground. 
After struggling with what to do with this scene for weeks (ideas ranging from moving the roundhouse to the foreground to adding an "industrial switching area" with lots of structures and sidings) I remembered this is supposed to be rural Vermont. 
Since I didn't want to put too much in the foreground to facilitate switching cars and throwing turnouts, a river seemed a logical answer. And hey, there was even one on the prototype. 
This meant I needed to modify the existing benchwork to provide a surface for the river. 
Here's the area as it looked Friday evening just a big open flat area - 
And here it is with the riverbed in place and fascia trimmed to follow the land contours (you can barely see the planned outline of the river bank on the Masonite.)

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  1. That should look cool when finished. Railroads and rivers go hand in hand.