Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Go With Throttle Up!!

Before leaving for the evening, the tired, but successful
electrical crew (Phil, Pete, Tom, and Mat) pose for the
obligatory group shot. 
I blogged last week about the endless series of feeders I was soldering to the track and connecting to the buss wires. Well, tonight a few members of the Gainesville Mafia stopped by and spent a tough three hours getting the layout divided into several power districts, connecting all the remaining feeders to the buss wires, and in general having a good time with a tough, thankless, but entirely necessary task. It definitely sped things along and before they left we successfully demonstrated the power districts were working correctly, and the wireless throttles were all working correctly. I have a few things to button up, but the railroad actually works!
Thanks guys!


  1. An irritating, grinding, seemingly endless task, that is so necessary.
    Before you know it though, you'll be patting your hands together as the trains roll through town.
    Just be thankful for DCC. Think of the effort for Cab Control. Shudder.

  2. Congrats on getting this layout running (of sorts). Soon, another Sea Trial is in the making...