Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let There Be (even) More Light

I’ve had a number of “almost finished” projects hanging around for the last two months. I tend to work on modeling bench projects, such as the ongoing Berry Machine kit, during the week and save “layout projects” – like track, scenery, etc., for the larger blocks on time on the weekend. Since every weekend for the rest of January is booked up, I spent this past weekend between watching the NFL Wildcard playoff games getting a few of these long-standing projects knocked out. The biggest of these was finishing up the installation of the additional room lights. 
Matt was home so I took advantage of his long arms to get the remaining seven fluorescent lights installed. This involved removing the can light trim piece, installing the can light "converter" and then hardwiring a two-bulb T8 fluorescent light in place. 
We also moved the under cabinet lights I use in the recessed “alcove” areas closer to the edge of the benchwork. This really minimized the backlighting that was making the foreground in that area so dark.
Both these photos were taken after dark, so there was no sunlight coming through the windows, and only the room lighting was used:
Here's a before:
And here's after: 

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