Monday, January 28, 2013

Everett, Vermont

Everett, Vermont, looking south. The paper mill will be partially represented with a photo backdrop. I'm getting really sick of looking at pink foam! I bet you are as well!
This is the first time I've shared any pictures of the town of Everett, Vermont on my layout. Although most of the locations on the railroad are based on specific prototypes, this is the one part of the layout that is 100% freelanced. The section of the layout, basically the point where the peninsula connects to the wall, allowed for a relatively deep scene. Why not simply pick another CV town? I considered that for a while, but ultimately decided against it. For one thing, the mainline is on an "S" curve - and most CV northern division towns were arrow straight.  
I also wanted to have a "destination" industry somewhere on the railroad. A destination industry is a single large complex that offers a lot of switching. I intend tos in Everett before returning to White River. I decided on a paper mill. There were paper mills on the CV, but not on the section of the railroad I'm modeling, so the industry is freelanced. Plans call for a dedicated mill turn that leaves White River yard, works the mill and industrial tracks in Everett before returning to White River. Another reason for the freelanced town is a little more pragmatic. I've collected a number of structure kits over the years - while some of them (a generic "store" for instance) are useable in any town on the layout, I wanted one place on the layout where I could readily include some of these kits. 
The buildings shown in these photos are for "locating" purposes only. I may or may not place them in the locations shown - in fact I welcome any suggestions on town/road building arrangements! 
But you can see the basic setup- the paper mill complex in the corner; a small station; a couple of stores - represented by boxes at this point!; a freight house, and a feedmill. The feedmill is a kit from Stella Scale Models. Although not a Vermont prototype it's a very typical small town feedmill. 
Williams Creek is just around the bend. The mockups in the distance are
 downtown White River Junction, Vt.
Everett is just around the bend from Williams Creek, the scene shown in the header photo on this blog. Some of the you know that scene is named after Zeb Williams, one of my college classmates.  Todd Everett is another Citadel classmate. 


  1. Looks great, Marty! Can't wait to get up there & see it!

  2. thanks Norm. I'm just thrilled the end of track laying is in sight!

  3. Marty,

    That scene is shaping up nicely, and I like the current location of the structures. The brick paper mill building really looks cool- who's kit is that?

    I love the color of the fascia. I wish I had spent a little more time in chossing the color of mine. I think it would have looked a lot better with something close to what you've used.

    Tom Patterson

  4. Glad you like it Tom. I may opt to use a model of the CV's station at Montville, Conn. If I do that it will go towards the back (where the stacked foam edge is showing in front of the backdrop).
    The brick mill building was constructed using Walthers modular walls.
    I struggled with the color of the fascia as well - in the end I opted to follow the advice of someone who had really thought about this - Dave Barrow. He has determined that "Devoe Upland Green" is the proper color for fascia. He's a professional architect. Who am I to argue? Besides, I really like the color. The color is no longer carried, but we were able to get it custom mixed from Sherwin Williams.

  5. Marty,

    Check out Mike Confalone's paper mill on his Allagash RR. Using a photo backdrop for the majority of the mill buildings is a neat way to fit a massive rail customer into a tighter area without overwhelming the scene.

  6. Marty,

    Could you let me know how deep the brick mill building is? There's a spot on my layout at Big Chimney, WV that needs a furniture factory and a building like this would be perfect.

    And I certainly wouldn't argue with Barrow, either... just a really great color!


  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Marty- it's the perfect width.