Friday, October 5, 2012

Peninsula Progress - Things Coming Together

Or at least it's starting to look finished. It's amazing what that last 1/16th of an inch can do to convert the scene from a construction site it was a few weeks ago into something resembling a slice of the real world.  
The impetus was some out-of-town visitors coming by tomorrow. So I planted some trees and  positioned an old store leftover from the last SNE. Not sure if I'll use it in location shown. 

This is the side of the peninsula opposite the Waterbury scene.  Plan calls for a simple grade crossing for the as yet unfinished road (currently a rough gray streak!). Of course we'll have pole lines, ballast, cinders, and maybe a section house. To the right of the track between the road and the bridge will be a pasture scene surrounded by an old stone fence.... But before getting to all the pretty stuff need to get the mechanical issues like track and wiring. To that end I'm going to put away the scenery stuff for a while and focus on getting the entire layout up and running. So stand by for more track and wiring shots. . . 
But I couldn't resist trying one "pretty picture" test - Obviously, the water isn't finished yet and there's more tweaking needed to the rocks - but the scene is finally starting to look like something. 


  1. Hi Marty:
    Now that is starting to look like New England during the fall...great job...George

  2. Nice work! Sometimes the simplest scenes are the best. When we want to engage in the "business" of the railroad, yards and industries are great - but when we've had a long day at work scenes like this are what help bring down our blood pressure.

  3. NIce work, it's coming along very nicely.