Tuesday, October 30, 2012

House cleaning

We spent some time cleaning up a bunch of branches from the yard and driveway - reminders of the severe weather we've had here in Northern Virginia for the past couple of days. I also took a few minutes this morning to do some housecleaning around the blog as well. You'll notice a new, cleaner look that I hope will be easier to read. I've also adjusted some of the topic links and increased the font size. 
Sandy spared us from any bad destruction - we had the power flicker a few times but it never went out, and although our backyard is full of water the basement remains bone dry. Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky. Reports are that New Jersey and New York City took the worst of it. And my extended family in Connecticut is still without power.  All those folks are in our thoughts and prayers. 


  1. My sis and her family in NJ are also w/o power. We fared well in VA, but we flickered a bit more, which kept me out of the basement.

  2. Good to hear that you are well, and the house is intact!

    Have you increased the font size on the blog?