Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To-Do List - Mid October Progress Report

A few weeks back I blogged about my current layout To-Do list. So, in the interest of keeping things honest, here's my progress to date:

1. Improve the layout lighting throughout the room. Investigating several options. There may be an article here.
Not sure there's an article here, but we have installed 4 four-foot fluorescent fixtures - and have four more (at least) to install. This is a group project, and I'm working on scheduling a second work session with some local modelers to wrap this one up. 
2. Realign mainline track on one side of peninsula (there's a strange track alignment that the guys suggested looked odd enough to be reworked. Of course, this will require some modification to the foamboard surface of the layout, but shouldn't be too bad) - (Estimate 2 evenings)
Modifying the mainline was easy, but this project got a little out of control, and I ended up moving a hillside, extensively reworking the scenery behind Waterbury, adding two new rivers, and several hundred trees.  All in all, this task has taken considerably longer than the estimate, but it's been far more involved than simply realigning some track.
3. Add coal trestle siding to Everett. Again this will require some modification to the terrain, and some track modification. To fit the coal trestle siding in place may require lengthening the passing siding slightly and handlaying a turnout on the south end. - (Estimate 4 evenings)
Haven't started this yet. 
4. Essex Junction trackwork - Three more turnouts to handlay - then the remaining spurs need to be installed. - (Estimate 4 evenings)
One turnout remains, along with some siding track. 
5. Drop feeders in WRJ yard - (Estimate 1 evening)
All the track in place in White River Junction has feeders installed. 
6. Feeders in Everett, Essex Junction, and north-end staging - (Estimate 3 evenings) (Note: includes running a new length of buss wire).
About half complete
7. Bridge street overpass (abutments, bridge, and track needs to be complete so I can get to the WRJ passenger station area - (Estimate 2 evenings)
No additional progress. 
8. Install yardmasters desk in WRJ (John Paganoni is building this for me, but it will need some time to install - (Estimate 1 evening)
Desk complete, needs to be installed. 
 It's going to be a busy fall as I also have to prepare for the clinic I'm giving at the Fine-Scale Expo in Strasburg in October and the MER Convention the following week! 
Clinic preparation requires building up some foreground trees to various levels of completion and a small diorama to display them. Luckily, all the stuff for this will eventually wind up on the layout - but trees and such aren't going to fix the lighting in the room nor will they get the layout operational.
This took A LOT longer than I anticipated. Although I enjoyed doing the clinic, I think it's fairly safe to say I would have completed all the other items on my To-Do list if clinic preps hadn't taken all my free time for almost three weeks. With them out of the way, I can resume progress. 

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  1. Great progress, Marty - and great to see a posting on it. Nice follow-up to the to-do list. I bet if more modelers did this, they'd get more done on their layouts.