Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving a Mountain

One thing that was bugging me about the developing "Waterbury" scene was the way the hill that ran down the center of the peninsula, and served as a backdrop for Waterbury, was very, very close to the rear wall of the feedmill. Meanwhile, there was a lot of "open space" on the far side of the hill caused to some extent by the fish hook shape of the ridge. Late Friday night it occurred to me I could rotate the mountain and have the curve in the hillside follow the track curvature around the lobe of the peninsula. The ongoing bridge project seemed to tie into this naturally, so I decided to move the mountain before I buttoned up the bridge project. 

Here's where the hill started
The roof of the feedmill is just visible in the left side 

of this image - and it shows how the "fishhook" hill 
is encroaching on the station/feedmill scene.
A drywall saw along the base of the hill made

 quick work of cutting the hardshell hill loose.
Work in progress: (as an aside, the need 
for better lighting should be obvious

 in these photos - that's the next project!)
The rock outcropping on the hill ended up
across the tracks from the foreground hill on
 the right of the overall photo above - making it look like a cut

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