Sunday, August 26, 2012

To-do List Progress - realigning mainline

In a previous post I mentioned there were several things I wanted to get done on the railroad before moving forward with plans to start test operating sessions in the fall. 

The first of these to float to the top of the To-Do list was a realignment of the mainline on the window side of the peninsula. Somehow I'd ended up with an odd little "jog" in the trackwork - it wasn't horrible but it just didn't look right. 

The plan for this locale has evolved over the two year history of the layout. There will be a one or perhaps two spurs leading to older industries, things that are only switched occasionally by a wayfreight a couple of times a week. There will also be a bridge, a rock cut, and a small country store and perhaps a gas station. A very simple scene intended to place "something, but not much" between the miles of open country running. 

Here's what the odd track alignment looked like when I started this morning (Apologize for the mess, I simply piled stuff out of the way:

I assembled a painted a Walthers single-track through truss bridge and started on the abutments (from styrene.) I also reworked the track alignment. It may be hard to see, but this is what the new alignment will look like. You can see the old alignment if you follow the blue lines at the end of the cork roadbed in the center of the picture.  (Note: the code 100 flex is simply pinned in an approximate location at this point):

I expect I'll have to handlay the turnouts to get the track flow right. Once the abutments are complete I'll carve the riverbed and install the bridge. 

Progress is good. More reports to follow. 

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