Friday, April 20, 2012

White River Progress - Part 2 - Bridge Street Overpass

Bernie came over for a layout progress session after work today (it's not really a "work" session - work is what we do during the day to earn the money to play bad golf and have good fun at model railroading . . . but I digress.) At first I considered having him do some rock carving, but the overall goal is to complete the track on the entire layout - and rock outcroppings don't help with that. But one area that needed to have at least the rough scenery completed is the Bridge Street overpass in White River Junction. In fact, it was holding up progress on track laying in the freight yard and around the passenger depot. 

We made the necessary modifications to the benchwork - and then, while I worked on getting the yard lead installed and finishing up some hand laid turnouts in the engine terminal Bernie finished up the basic walls of the overpass. We did some prototype research using Google Street View - noticing there was a raised pedestrian sidewalk on one side of the overpass. This photo shows a low angle view, with the modifications needed to the benchwork:
This view is looking up the overpass. That's the raised pedestrian walk on the left - it will have the wood faced with some "concrete," and I plan to try the Chooch flexible granite walls for the actual abutments. The bridge is a Walthers kit - it's not an exact match for the prototype, but it's pretty close.  
Of course, we had to make a movie - it's a pretty steep hill on the prototype, and on the model. 
The result . . .

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  1. That was hysterical! "Officer, get the number of that truck.. eee.. oooo..."