Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hectic Fall . . .

I can't believe we're almost halfway through November. I haven't gotten much done model railroading-wise in the past month - we had two trips to Charleston, SC - one to see my youngest son (who's a senior at The Citadel) get his school ring on Parent's Weekend, the second was last weekend to attend my 25th reunion. In  between I went to the MER convention in Cary, NC.  The one weekend we were home was spent doing fall outdoor chores. 
We have family visiting for Thanksgiving week next week - so essentially November will be over in no time. To top it all off, work has been really nuts lately. 
Bernie Kempinski and I plan to visit and operate on some out of town layouts the first weekend in December - once that trip is done I think I'll stay home for a while!
The shorter days and cooler temps have me all fired up to hunker down and work on some models - but things have just been too hectic. 
I have had a few odd moments to look over the "alcove" area. The current layout plans called for putting Essex Junction along the "long wall" at the entry to the layout area. But that area is not ideal since it's almost too much room for Essex Junction, and the wye would loose one of it's legs. Why not, I thought, move Essex to the alcove - leaving room for me to include White River Junction (or at least the CV-centric elements of WRJ) where I was planning to put Essex Junction? 
Some early tests with mockups show this might work - here's an early sketch showing where Essex Junction would end up. (After looking at this with the full-size mockups, I think the Essex Junction trainshed would actually be better on the peninsula (across the aisle from where it shows on this diagram):

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  1. Marty,

    I saw you most recent blog post (can't respond to it from my office) and had a
    thought: what if you "reversed the polarity" and put WRJ where you now have
    Essex Jct. and vice-versa?

    The CV yard north of the station would fit into the long straight opposite the
    staging, with the station fit into the wye as you've got it drawn for Essex Jct.
    This would enable you to run both CV and BM/CP trains out of staging to
    interchange in the CV yard, or continue "north" through the wye to Wells River.

    Geof Smith