Friday, September 23, 2011

Walking tour - 1

When  Dave Emery came out for the open house last weekend he took some overall pictures of one side of the peninsula. So, I'd thought we'd start the "walking tour" with them - mostly because there's no track down in the "around the walls" section - something I plan to address very soon. 

This is the view looking down the peninsula from the bottom of the basement stairs:

Looking back at the peninsula (to the far right) - the Williams Creek scene is in the center. 

Turning left from the previous shot reveals the unfinished section around the wall (the benchwork extends behind the photographer also). Current plans call for one fairly large industrial complex - likely a wire rope plant, to go along the left side of this shot. 

When I get more track in place and cleared off I'll post photos of the rest of the layout. 

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