Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peninsula Progress Report - I

With the Williams Creek scene basically completed I decided to start the rough scenery on the mill stream scene that bisects the lobe end of the peninsula. 

I've got the foam stacked for the hill that will serve as a viewblock between the town scene and the mill stream in place. The cardboard mockups are for one of the three planned mills along the river – this particular mill is based on the Berry Excelsior Mill from NH – the cardstock mockup closest to the camera is the Berry Machine Shop. The other mill in this scene will be the upcoming South River Modelworks "Delabarre Woolens" - that will go to the lower right of the photo. Although freelanced, it looks a lot like one of the mills that stood alongside the CV tracks north of Eagleville, Conn.

A third mill, in the large area to the lower left of the picture, is a possibility as well. It may be Lamson & Goodnow - another SRMW kit that's my model railroading albatross, the Atlas  brick factory kit, or a scratchbuilt structure. Frankly, I may opt not to add a mill anything to the area in the interest of preventing an overly crowded appearance.

You can see I've cut the stream bed into the foamboard and the point where the spillway will be installed should be apparent - even in this pink wonderland.

The last photo shows where the mill stream will leave the modeled portion of the scene - the track is on a curve here so I decided to go with a culvert (from New England Brownstone) instead of a bridge.

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