Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Down by the Old Mill Stream

Making some progress on the mill stream scene. I got the New England Brownstone culverts painted and installed, and carved the large hill that divides the peninsula in half to shape. I also got a coat of "ground goop" on the hill and started on the riverbed before I gave out last night. In this shot, I hadn't gotten the track shimmed - hence the "washed out" look!

This shot shows the area (to the left and right of the river) where the other two planned mills may go (L&G to the left; Delabarre Woolen to the right):

Goal for tonight is see if the L&G kit will fit the area. I may well decide to go with an Atlas Middlesex Mfg. kit since that may take less room than the L&G complex. 

Then I have to get the layout room cleaned up for the open house this weekend!


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