Saturday, February 19, 2011

Test-fitting Essex Junction's trainshed

Progress has been a little slower than I'd hoped, but things are starting to pick up!

I'm happy to report that this evening, after spending a pleasant day with a bunch of C&O modelers, I came home and got a coat of sky blue paint on the new peninsula backdrops. It's a simple task, but not a particularly enjoyable one - likely the reason I'd been putting it off. But at least it's done. It's amazing how much it brightens up the room.

I also dug out my drawings of the Essex Junction trainshed and used them to make this somewhat rudimentary mockup of the shed and station. I know it may be a while before I get around to building the real model, so this will help with planning the scene. Also, I wanted to confirm the dimensions of the actual model just to be sure the trains can actually run through the shed without hitting the roof joists.

The mockup is made from matte board. I have some black matte board that I'll use to add a roof. Seeing the building "full size" in mockup form convinces me I need a good plan for getting inside the the finished model for access, track cleaning and maintenance.

A removable roof - or at least some portion of the roof being removable, seems to be the answer. I need to think through that one.

I also started toying with building arrangements in Waterbury - but I'll keep that in a separate post.

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  1. Marty, I grew up in Essex Junction as a kid, 1953 to 1957 and then moved over to nearby South Burlington. I remember the steam locomotives coming to the great train shed, pulling the Washingtonian south and the Montrealer north. I too would love to make a model of that Essex train station/shed for our family's Lionel layout, and wonder if I could get some dimensions from you or suggestions of resources on the design of that shed? I have looked at the 7 volume Central Vermont Railroad series by RC Jones for ideas, as well as photos my father has. But having a resource such as you would be so helpful too. Can I contact you outside of this blog? I am a member of TCA and NETCA.